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This Startup program is specifically designed for those over 50s. See below for the full program details.

Start today with our interest-free fortnightly payment plan for just $125 per week.

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This program is specifically designed for those over 50s who are looking for a career change to continue earning an income from doing what they love while living a retirement lifestyle. Our research identified that over 60% of people interested in starting a new business fall under this demographic. In some industries, it’s closer to 80% over 50s.
Applicants must live in the Southeast Queensland area to give you the best chance of success in this program. We’ll also give you a backstage pass to business networking events, including the 3 major Small Business and Jobs expos that the Inception Network is partnering with this year in the Brisbane, Moreton Bay, and Gold Coast areas.

What you get…

  • Start earning an income while on the program and get experience dealing with real customers.
  • Includes an 8-week marketing and social media plan to launch your business and get you on your way
  • tap into our Inception Network founder’s 30+ years of  personal experience in Small Business marketing and franchise operations to create your own business
  • Referrals to local business networks and potential customers, including free passes to 2 networking events, plus
  • Introductions Inception Network Mentors across SE QLD looking to help people succeed in business and give free advice for new businesses
  • Online learning access for 12 weeks with webinars, tips, tools, and techniques developed for use in business and marketing qualifications, Access to all 7 modules in the startup process to refresh.
  • Formal skills recognition badges to promote your expertise skills areas to potential customers, clients, or employers
  • A weekly check-in call for 8 weeks to ask questions and get advice, plus premium access to webinars and events while on the course to promote your expertise and your new business.

Course options

We also have intakes for mentoring groups if we get mentors willing to help at different times of the year that you can join for free. However, as you get 1-on-1 attention at your own pace and when you need it over the next 8 weeks, this program is not free. We do have a fortnightly payment plan to spread the expense over the 8 weeks to make it affordable for more people. At that price, it’s great value, especially when you compare it to other courses through TAFE which may be “fee-free” but there are no guarantees you will actually start your business.
Our course is designed so that even if you have never operated a business before, we can get you up and running selling products and services in the first 4 weeks using simple free technology, or you can put the course on hold. You’ll work this out in the first week when we look at what skills you have. If you can send emails, and use Google and Facebook, that is more IT skills than you need. We can even show you how to set up your very own website yourself, which these days take less formatting skills than creating a PowerPoint presentation.
You learn through doing in this program, and if you are still working full-time we suggest that allow only 5 hours per week to complete the work and do your research. This includes about 30min of reading to explain how to use the tools and techniques you will use each week to build the full set of thinking, Personal, and Action skills you’ll need to run your own business.

What do I do each week?

  1. Beginner, Intermediate, or Great Already (BIGA) – Critical Thinking and Creativity skills.
    Self-assess the skills have and play to your strengths and natural talents. Work out the skills you need to do what you love and earn an income out of it in a competitive marketplace. What would you rather double, $50 or $10? learn that in your first week
  2. Help Overcoming Trouble (HOT) – Adaptation and Innovation skills
    Increase your earning capacity by doing what you are great at. We’ll show you how to overcome your weaknesses through collaborations with others in your business network who do love the things you hate, so you may not have to. This is also the week when we work out if you are eligible to get funding to start your business, and we help you apply for it.
  3. Understanding Purchasers (UP) – Ethics and Empathy skills
    Use the different types of empathy at each of the 5 steps in buyer behaviour. Meet customers’ needs and wants all the way from tyre kickers to raving fans. This tested system has been around longer than you! When Henry Ford said “If I’d listened to what my customers wanted, I would have built faster horses”, he was talking about using this system. Thanks to modern technology, it works faster today.
  4. Make Opportunities Viable Enterprises (MOVE) – Cultural Awareness and Initiative skills
    A dream is just a plan without a timeframe, so you’ll get the steps to make your dreams come true, and you put your own timeframe on it. All you need is a passion for something, and you can confidently plan your next actions. If you don’t have the confidence to start selling by this stage of the program, you can put it on hold and make a new plan to come back to it so you don’t give up on your dream. You can even start the program again if that’s what you need, and we won’t charge you any extra to do that.
  5. Depressed, Insecure, and Precious (DIP) – Customer Focus and Learning skills
    Overcome the 3 main triggers of why all businesses fail. Poor strategy, poor cash flow, and poor products. Learn how to avoid these pitfalls and make smarter business decisions. Customer focus is not about you. You’ll learn how to feel safe and secure in your goldie-locks zone when promoting your business and avoid mental health issues that commonly plague the micro-business community.
  6. Social Trolls, Insurgents, and Fake Friends (STIFF) – Digital Technologies and Communication
    When you step out onto social media, criticism dents your confidence. It’s not personal, you just need to be a bit thick-skinned in business. Turn the attacks into an opportunity to show off your expertise to real customers. They say you have no friends in business, which these days is not true. Just like in your personal life, not all of your family and friends give you the best advice for you and what you want to do. But the business friends you make in week 2 will be HOT ready to go.
  7. Systematic Testing of Problems (STOP) – Collaboration and Problem-Solving skills
    A practical self-evaluation of your business model canvas to focus your business activities only on what works as part of a continuous improvement process. But you don’t have to start again. Go back UP, MOVE HOT products, or grow your business to BIGA things. This is also how we know you will get results from this program, as you’ll learn to evaluate your business success.

We also teach you about automatic consumer guarantees in Australian law as part of this program. We know that if you are not happy in the end, we expect you’ll ask for a refund, repair, or replacement. Your success is our success. But if you change your mind after getting access to the learning content, and decide the program is not for you, you can ask for a full refund in the first 7 days, and cancel your future payments if you decide to drop out.

When you pay for the program, we’ll send you access to the learning website for you to login in and see the full T&C for the program. You can message us if you have questions, but if you forget to login in the first 7 days, again, we will give you a full refund.

Ready to go?

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Plus, to keep in touch and ensure your ongoing success in business, we’ll give you a free business health check-up after 3 months when you complete the program.