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The total cost of the onboarding process is $1000. Interest-free payment plans are also available to make the product more affordable for Micro-businesses and Solopreneurs looking to grow. Please read the product details below before making this purchase. Get instant access to 5 tools to guide you through the first step when you sign up.


Program details

A cost-effective results-driven solution for small businesses that don’t have an HR department to onboard new employees. Irrespective if you can get funding or not, this program is designed to help overcome the biggest barrier to growth in Queensland business, attracting and retaining talent to Small Businesses.

According to the Business Chamber Queensland March (2023) Pulse survey, 60% of businesses said the ability to attract and retain was their biggest barrier to growth. Let us help you with that, and if you get funding it’s a bonus that will allow you to grow your business faster

This onboarding process is suitable for all types of employees, including contractors and remote workers. Working conditions are included in the position descriptions in step 2 of our process.

How do we help grow your business?

We use our 3 Rs of Business growth system to help you recruit, retain, and raise talent in your small business. Every business has different needs, so we need to go over some information with you to make sure you have the basics right and systems in place to take on new staff to help you grow.

Step 1 – Workforce Planning and Marketing Growth

Skilled Chef

We’ll help you identify skills gaps and develop a three-month marketing growth plan that aligns with your business goals. This strategic approach ensures your workforce is equipped for success, maximizing your business’s potential. Pay the first instalment of $250 today to start on your way.

We’ll email you the link to book our 30-minute Business Model Canvas advice session as part of our Business health check. Part of our planning process is to make sure you are ready to grow.

Step 2 – Recruit, and Attract

Job seeker

Recruitment Made Easy: Crafting compelling position descriptions, creating impactful job ads, and offering recruitment and selection advice are all part of our expertise. We’ll guide you through the process, streamlining your hiring efforts and saving you valuable time and resources.


Step 3 – Retain, Seamless Onboarding

what Happy staff look like
what Happy staff look like

Retaining employees is crucial, and our online induction program ensures that new hires are seamlessly integrated into your business. By fostering a supportive environment, you not only increase employee satisfaction but also secure your funding instalment.

This is a 4-week Action skills training course for each new employee that gets them doing the urgent stuff customers need to be done to be a productive member of your team.

This step comes with a success guarantee. if they don’t make it through the 4 weeks and you can’t claim the first funding instalment, you can replace them with another candidate at no extra cost for this step.

Step 4 – Raise up – Performance and Capability Assessment


As part of the probation period, we’ll conduct thorough performance appraisals and capability assessments, ensuring your employees are engaged in productive work that drives your business forward.

It’s not about paying them extra, it’s about raising their level of skills. Here’s where you find out what they are proficient at, and like doing, and can be given more of the important work that increases their value to you.

You get a capability/proficiency assessment for the 5 action skills.  We’ll check back in to check how they are going after your new staff completes their probation period and keep them engaged by setting a skills development plan with you.



1. This program is not funded by the Queensland Government. However, funding usually requires eligible employers to demonstrate a genuine commitment to the ongoing employment of the employee. We can help you demonstrate that, but you are required to apply for the funding directly with the relevant Federal, State or Local government. For more information on an example program we recommend small businesses in Queensland apply for, see the Back to Work program website HERE.

2. Many funding programs require you to have a business plan in place before applying for funding, which is why we have the down as the first step in our process. Even if you are not applying for funding, the first step provides excellent value for any business as a business health check and strategy session and allows us to customise steps 2 to 4 to your individual business and brand needs to ensure you have the best chance of successfully overcoming the biggest barrier to growth in Queensland business today.

3. We do offer a business health check similar to step 1 as a stand-alone product, but this is not a free service or “lead generation” for our onboarding process. If you just want to tap into our 30+ years of experience starting and growing small businesses and are not sure if you are in a position to grow your business, we recommend purchasing a business health check with us first before signing up for the onboarding process

4. To start our onboarding process today, you only have to invest $250 today if you select PayPal’s interest-free “Pay in 4” fortnightly payment option at the checkout through our website by adding the product to the cart (at the top of this page). Payment options are selected on the checkout page, including credit/debit card, Bpay, or bank transfer if you need us to raise an invoice for you to pay.

5. Work will not commence on each step until payment is made, so the invoice option is best for businesses that have an urgent need to onboard staff as you can speed up the process to less than 8 weeks by paying the invoices ahead of time. Invoices are due when issued, and if payment is not received within 7 days we will put the process on pause for you until payments are made.

6. If you require more than 7 days to make a payment, for example, your accountant pays invoices monthly, we do not have the facility to offer credit. In this case, we suggest you select PayPal’s Pay in 4 option at the checkout using your credit card to meet your existing payment schedule.

7. We comply with Australia Consumer laws, including consumer rights to privacy, a refund, repair, or replacement if you feel you have received a defective product or service. We do not store your credit card details on our site and do not recommend saving credit card details in your web browser. You do need to set up a PayPal account to select the interest-free payment option and will need to agree to the conditions of use with this third-party payment provider to select the fortnightly payment option.

8. We do not offer refunds if you simply change your mind, except if you change your mind in the first 7 days after making a purchase on our website. You can get a full refund of the first $250 payment, no questions asked within the first 7 days. We will attempt to contact you in good faith within the first 7 days after payment to confirm your order and begin work on each step. However, if you do not respond to us within the first 7 days you may not receive a refund for a change of mind after the first payment period expires.

9. While we can only provide guidance to funding options currently available, we do not guarantee you will be eligible to receive any funding as a result of purchasing this product. You must confirm with the relevant federal, state, or local government provider yourself through direct contact. We strongly recommend doing this within the first 7 days of making the purchase while the change of mind policy is in effect if you have not done this before making the purchase.

10. As with any customer, we are required to collect commercially sensitive data about your business which we will only use for business advice and service delivery. We do not disclose trade secrets from other customers to you, as I’m sure you would understand that you would not agree to have your trade secrets made public either.

11. There are many business networking groups we can connect you to if you are looking to form collaborations to exchange business information to help you grow your businesses as this is a great way to support Small businesses find referral partners. We discuss this with you in the very first step when developing your growth strategy and what skills gaps you need help with. We are also happy to sign non-disclosure agreements if you have specific requirements in place for your business before commencing work as we see this as commonplace in modern business practices.


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