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When people feel something is not quite right, they go to a doctor to get a check-up. So, you are told you are not sick, just need to “get healthy”. “What’s the difference” you may ask?

The Absence of illness doesn’t mean you’re healthy.

So how do you get healthy? If you ask your doctor they’ll say “diet and exercise”, and do more of what you love to overcome the underlying mental health issues as well. We all know this, right? So why don’t we do it? Particularly when it comes to running a business…

That is what a business health check is about, putting humanity back into your business, a reminder of why you started your business.

In 30 years of running small businesses, and coaching and training others to start a business too, we know money is never your why. What you can do with the money you make, IS YOU WHY! In any business.

Let’s start your health check right now. Think what did you start your own business?

Was it:

  • to earn extra income so you can buy nice things
  • to create a more flexible work arrangement to make time to do the things you love
  • to escape a job that may pay OK, but your skills were not appreciated, or
  • maybe you couldn’t get a job doing what you love and saw how many others started their own business.

Whatever the reason, you do have skills and strengths in whatever you love doing. All humans do.

Here’s how we find that again for you:

  1. Skills check to diagnose the strengths you have in thinking, personal, or action skill areas.
  2. Business model canvas to make sure of the purpose of your business, where your strengths are, and who can help overcome weaknesses for you
  3. Market forces analysis to check your positioning so you get paid what your products and services are worth
  4. identifying the 3 reasons why all businesses fail, and how to prevent that from happening.
  5. And of course, a simple marketing plan anyone can do, with a 30-minute strategy session to help you implement it.

Think of it as the diet and exercise for your business, one step at a time.

Part of the marketing plan is to connect you with people in your local business network to form collaborations with people with complementary skills who want to grow your business with you.

Hard and soft skills in outdated terms that learning and development departments in big companies tend not to use. They don’t fear AI, they know it can’t replace personal skills, and can only do so much thinking for you. They use AI to take care of the urgent stuff, leaving people to do what is important to humans.

If you are a solopreneur, or even a mico-business (employing 4 or fewer staff), you’ll get the most benefits out of a health check.

Save time and money by looking for solutions that already exist, and the beauty of all this is most solutions don’t cost anything to do. Just your time. So you can’t afford not to do them.

Still not convinced? Happy to chat with a human?

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