We have 4 Skills Check options...

You can do the first module of our 8-week business startup program for FREE by filling out the Inception strengths skills quiz below. Other options are on this page below the skills quiz.

We’ll give you feedback on what type of work you would be suitable for. If you decide to start you own business we’ll book a call to sign you up then and start connecting you with people in your local area willing to help you overcome the barrier preventing you starting your own business.

This include business that have paid work for you to help fund your business startup journey and get you experience. You could be earning extra income to offset the rising costs of living, working just a few flexible hours a week doing what you already know

If you are looking to hire staff or contractors to do work, we make it simple for you. Click here and tell us are you looking for a thinker, a people person, or an action-taker.

We can take it from there, and even write the job ads for you.

You may be a job seeker, or looking for contract work, click her and tell us what work you love to do. Go into our talent pool for off-market jobs that many small businesses don’t advertise. 

No matter what industry you work in, these transferable skills are what employers look for to make sure you are “suitable” to work with them.

Find in-demand jobs with “flexible” work arrangements that suit your lifestyle, whatever that is.

Business owners want to develop skills, too, but rarely get time to do so. Getting a coach or a mentor is the usually professional development option for Small business, but this can be expensive lessons for you.

Want to collaborate with others that have been through this too? This skills check is designed to match you with people who love to do the things you hate, so you keep doing what you love.

Not everyone you hire will be right for you, and people with talent want recognition for their skills. This quiz checks where they are at, and the best part can do it on there own.

Ai can write their cover letter, even tell people what to say in an interview, but confirms they are doing the job you asked them to do, or how they can improve. You even find out what they love doing, and more important work you can give them to to raise talent in your own business

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