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You don’t need to enrol in a full qualification and learn a bunch of stuff you will never use to get formal skills recognition these days. In fact, skill sets are a better career pathway for 97% of all businesses.

Inception Network’s training partnerships only focus on in demand skill sets to start or grow your business right now, doing work with real world and online businesses.

Here’s 2 suggestions…

The average of a business own in Australia is now 50 years old. So if you think you are too old to start your own business, STOP DREAMING.

This course is for you.

You get:

  1.  Skills recognition for BSBSS00102  Micro Business Skill Set*, including BSBESB301 Investigate business opportunities, and BSBESB401 Research and develop business plans
  2. The Essential Business Plan Template developed by an international award-winning Ts&Cs lawyer, who as a female solopreneur herself knows how Love your Legals can help businesses succeed
  3.  Our 7-step startup process and work through it with you, from idea inception, to start selling and making income without spend loads of money, all while setting us systems and using AI to get a full-time income doing part-time hours.
Plus the textbook for our course is so real-world, it’s is written by the Business and Jobs Expos CEO himself.
Book title: If 70 Is The New 50 When Do I Get To Retire
Book title: If 70 Is The New 50 When Do I Get To Retire

*Skill Set Issued by Skills Recognition International, RTO 32373

This course fills the “suitability gap” applying the life experience you already have to set you up for a career in Public Relations, Sales Manager, or Advertising and Marketing Professional.

You get:

  1.  Skills recognition for BSBSS00108 – Marketing and Communication Skill Set*, meeting the entrance requirements for BSB60520 Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication.
  2. Introductions and advice from marketing agencies owners to help you setup your own white label marketing services to earn income while on our course
  3. Get paid to do your course work at full-market rates, and get testimonials from real-world clients, all part of completing the course and managing your RPL application.
Plus the textbook for this course is written by SEO legend, founder of the Digital Marketing Collective, bookshop owner, whose own life experience as a parent has created a book that we consider a “must read” for the target market in Australia for this course.
6 figures in school hours book
6 figures in school hours book

*Skill Set Issued by Skills Recognition International, RTO 32373

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