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Download this Business Model Canvas to see what we will talk about on this quick call to work out your marketing needs and how we can help.

Not ready to go, and need things set up to do all the marketing work you are told Small Business "should do"?
We have a flat rate starter pack to get you were you want to be. All the free or low cost scalable tools we use for omnichannel marketing to grow and lockdown-proof your business. Only pay for things you absolutely need to use right now.

This is an example of a website landing page you can have for your business. Convert prospects on social to online customers. A key part of your omnichannel marketing strategy with integrated chat, sign-up, Appointment setting and purchase functions now standard features.

Experience design at scale

Tap into our more than 20 years experience in training and rapidly growing start-ups and small businesses. Focus on free or low cost marketing to 10x your marketing spend. When you know what works, you can afford scale up without the added worry of increased sales not leading to more profits.

Understand your user experience

Talk to your customers, find out what they want, then how to get it for them. It’s 8 times cheaper to get sales out of existing customers.

New customers are great if you get 10x your marketing spend. But getting 80x your marketing spend is how businesses make 80% of their profits.

remain responsive across devices

80% of all internet traffic is now on a smartphone, so that’s how we do business. That’s why we set all our webpages up to look beautiful on a mobile too, and set up Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to get better than 95% Google page speeds. Want messenger chat on your website, like we do?

fall in love with our benefits

Community builder

Inception is part of a network of business consultants and learning and development professionals. Their clients are bigger businesses, so they tell use what basics they expect their new clients to be already doing so they can get faster results for the premium you pay. They tell us what their best clients do so we can help you build your business up to afford their services.

Less plugins needed

We start off with only the basic WordPress plugins, and many of the free options have automated functions that we've found can be used if you know where to find them. The premium plugins may have automated functions set up as a default setting, but they also come with functions you don't need that slow your website. If it's time to upgrade your website to ecommerce, the free plugin will tell you what you have to pay for and what you get with the upgrade.

Amazingly responsive

We don't bog you down in endless reports to justify our invoice, we show you how to check activity feeds so you know if things are working when we do. We use automation to give you more time to make personal connection with people. we have systems set up so you don't get people speaking for you, but also tell us who you are happy for us to chat to for you.

Real time stats

Forget about "vanity metrics" like "likes", we show you how to view data from Facebook Business insights and google analytics. You can check how long people watch your videos, click on your images, people that actually make it to your website and where they click next, even if people click the links in your emails.

Easy to use interface

We don't do code, and if the technology is not simply enough for non-techy people (like us) to use, we don't use it. So won't ask you to use it.

Flat-rate setup $499 for 1 month

It has never been easier to create pages and websites on WordPress. If you don't have a Website, we can show you where to get a domain name, install WordPress, and get Australian hosting from $6 a month.

A basic information website is a key cog in your marketing machine. You can sell products and services on it with free plugins these days without adding to the monthly fees.

You can scale up to a full ecommerce website as you grow and can afford a web developer. But if you don't already do all the marketing activities on our list, your ecommence website may not do enough sales to make back even the web developer's fees.


No, the work is done 100% in Australia. We are based in Brisbane and find that Local VA can do the work more cost-effectively using the technology we also show you to use.  We have been delivering Business qualifications to international students in Australia for the last 8 years, so know that it is all of the cultural differences that cause the frustrating communication issues. You pay extra for if you are employing people on a cheap (or expensive) hourly rate from what we’ve seen.

Even if they speak perfect English we’ve found from our students that there are things that happen in Australia that people from other countries just don’t understand why we do it. It’s not racist, think of it as in Australia you don’t need to know how the engine works to drive a car; You just call roadside assistance if it breaks down. If you want to teach them how the engine works to drive you car, we can do that, but see the next FAQ as we will charge you extra for that.

You are welcome to look into hiring someone from overseas, and there are plenty of people to help with that. We encourage you to do that if you have the time and let us know if you find a good one.

In our experience, teaching international students living in Australia, it takes around 6 months to get their head around the cultural difference to be able to do work in their field of study to Australian expectations, longer if they are Uni students. We hope that doesn’t happen to you, but if you manage to keep the same VA for 6 months and don’t come back to us, we are still happy to hear about people winning lotto. Even if it’s just a small win, we’d love to hear from you.

It’s no secret, research shows that 70% of knowledge comes from doing tasks, and only 10% of knowledge comes from training. We set it up so it is so easy to use that you’ll have the confidence to jump right in and have fun trying it out. 

We know from delivering formal marketing qualifications how much stuff you are required to learn (known as ‘the volume of learning” in RTOland) that “might” work in some cases, and things you “could” do in “Any” business to get issued with a Qualification.

We only teach you what works, and you get a couple of week to learn how to use it as part of the starter pack. So if you are wondering why it is so cheap, you only get what you pay for. Which means that even if an RTO only trained you what you needed to know to do this stuff for your business, the research shows that you would get the same knowledge to build the skills to do the job on a 14 week short course with an RTO.

Our two weeks training cost are obviously a lot lower than that, plus we need you to start doing work and using the systems to complete the set-up for you. If you need more than the 2 weeks training, or want to use premium automated systems like the cool kids do, than you have started looking to employ an marketing agency to work for you.

If you can’t afford an agency, you’ll see in the 2 weeks training how embarrassing easy the technology is to use, and can do it yourself.

If you are too busy for that, get you kids to do it. We find school kids can teach themselves how to us the technology as they have grown up with it. Software companies spend millions of dollars before releasing software to make it user friendly to give you the confidence to use it. It’s not tested on animals, but testing it on millennials comes pretty close. (don’t worry, they don’t read FAQs, or take any advice in general, just don’t tell the little snowflakes I said that).

As you may be able to tell, we are passionate about marketing, and love talking about it. So if you ask us why we do what we do we are happy to tell you. But what you may think is a simple question, the answer will be based on 20+ years in business and an Masters in Business (management information systems)… Likely to be at least a coup0le of hours of your life that you will never get back. If you need to know how the engine works to drive a car, then “done for you” services are not for you.

Time is money in business, so we don’t want you to spend your money on not making money. You’ll learn how the engine work later IF it breaks down, but we suggest doing that when you can afford to.

OK, if you are asking this questions, it’s time for you to book a discovery call (at the top of the page). The answer depends on where your business is positioned in the market. If you can answer the questions on the business model canvas, honestly, this will allow both of us to work out if you have realistic expectations. 

If you can’t answer the questions on the canvas, that’s fine too. You may be still developing your business and the systems we set up provide answers to the questions. You don’t just do this by talking to your customers, you have to ask the right customers the right questions. Garbage in = garbage out. So if you think your customer is a bull, you have to expect to sift through a lot of BS.

You might also find that you are chasing the 20% of the customers that cause 80% of your problems. Hard not to do when times are tough and you are fighting for every dollar to pay the bills. The canvas will show if getting new customers is a high risk strategy for you. Once you attract 25% of your customers, lets call them Karen, 100% of your resources are take up by these customers who want to change what you do. Your regulars leave, and as it’s 8 times cheaper to get sales from repeat customer, your profits go with them.

Our services are not for anyone, nor can we help everyone. Just having a conversation may be all the help you need. We can promise you radical candour from the very first chat, not ruinous empathy (AKA warm hugs from Mum). Starting with if you have gone this far through the webpage and still not convicted to book a call and fill out the canvas, the chances are we won’t take you on as a client.

It’s a done for you service, but if you are not ready to go now, we can’t help you. We wish you well in whatever you do.