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You don’t need to enrol in a full qualification and learn a bunch of stuff you will never use to get formal skills recognition these days. In fact, skill sets are a better career pathway for 97% of all businesses.

Inception Network’s training partnerships only focus on in demand skill sets to start or grow your business right now, doing work with real world and online businesses.

Here’s 2 suggestions…

The average of a business own in Australia is now 50 years old. So if you think you are too old to start your own business, STOP DREAMING.

This course is for you.

You get:

  1.  Skills recognition for BSBSS00102  Micro Business Skill Set*, including BSBESB301 Investigate business opportunities, and BSBESB401 Research and develop business plans
  2. The Essential Business Plan Template developed by an international award-winning Ts&Cs lawyer, who as a female solopreneur herself knows how Love your Legals can help businesses succeed
  3.  Our 7-step startup process and work through it with you, from idea inception, to start selling and making income without spend loads of money, all while setting us systems and using AI to get a full-time income doing part-time hours.
Plus the textbook for our course is so real-world, it’s is written by the Business and Jobs Expos CEO himself.
Book title: If 70 Is The New 50 When Do I Get To Retire
Book title: If 70 Is The New 50 When Do I Get To Retire

*Skill Set Issued by Skills Recognition International, RTO 32373

This course fills the “suitability gap” applying the life experience you already have to set you up for a career in Public Relations, Sales Manager, or Advertising and Marketing Professional.

You get:

  1.  Skills recognition for BSBSS00108 – Marketing and Communication Skill Set*, meeting the entrance requirements for BSB60520 Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication.
  2. Introductions and advice from marketing agencies owners to help you setup your own white label marketing services to earn income while on our course
  3. Get paid to do your course work at full-market rates, and get testimonials from real-world clients, all part of completing the course and managing your RPL application.
Plus the textbook for this course is written by SEO legend, founder of the Digital Marketing Collective, bookshop owner, whose own life experience as a parent has created a book that we consider a “must read” for the target market in Australia for this course.
6 figures in school hours book
6 figures in school hours book

*Skill Set Issued by Skills Recognition International, RTO 32373

What happens at the Expos doesn't stay at the Expos

Meet people from businesses of all shapes and sizes, and talk to all levels of government about support.

All at one time under the one roof.

Whether you are looking for customers, or even a job, the Expos level the playing field to suit your needs. 

Get the confidence you need to succeed in a competitive market.

The Pitch at Business and Jobs Expos 2024

What is The Pitch?

"The Pitch" is an exciting business Startup pitch event designed to empower individuals over 50 years of age who are passionate about making a difference in their communities... See More

If you’ve been running a side gig or started a full-time business in the last six months, apply to promote your new business through The Pitch at Logan, Moreton Bay, Brisbane, and Gold Coast Business and Jobs Expos programs this year. Download the Business Model Canvas template and send it to to register for the selection process in your local area. 

What prizes are can you win?

The prizes on offer will depend on what will help you kickstart or scale up your new business. Even if you don’t make it through as a finalist to pitch at the expos this year, you can still win free advice sessions just for telling us about your new business idea. You don’t have to give away trade secrets, but can get you the help you need.

You ask for extra help at The Pitch, and the judges will each put together a care package they think you need from Small Business help and advice prize pool, and you get to choose the one that suits you best.

While there is no cash investment offer in the prize pool, there is offers of help with funding applications through government grants and investor networks.

All prizes are verified for their monetary value before the event so you can add up the real-world cost saving to grow your business.

Prizes include formal skills recognition if you are working towards a business qualification, legal templates with advise sessions, plus all the usual Coaching and Mentoring you may have seen but think you can’t afford right now.

Maybe, you can’t afford not to do The Pitch. Did we mention there is no application fee.

Why is it done as part of the 2024 Busines & Jobs Expos ?

The Expos are now in their 10th year, and were open across Southeast Queensland even during COVID. The Inception Network was running the Startup Lounge at the Expos last year, but this year have taken on the role of Official Jobs Partner. Coordinating income producing efforts in the local business community where the 6 Expos are ruining this year, to help create more than just Self-Employment opportunities through this years expos. 

While the Expos have been put on hold until 2025 as part of their new format launching next year, we are still working with them to run The Pitch in local council areas across Southeast Qld.

What is a Business Model Canvas?

This is a tool that Marketing Agencies and Investors use to see how well you know your business, and what stage you are at in your business development.

It is also used by Uni’s and TAFEs for training business qualification students on what successful businesses focus on, and use it to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for sale in Startup courses.

If you can’t answer all the 9 questions on this Canvas, then you may not be ready to pitch your idea. You can use it as a guide of the research you still need to do before you start selling to customer, so you don’t lose them as fast as you find them.

This is why it is the entry form you need to fill out to enter The Pitch. Click the link below and watch the video if you want more information.

Other FAQs...

What does The Pitch have to do with creating Jobs?

Did you know that 60% of all businesses (registered for GST) do not employ ANY staff? Known as a Sole Trader or Partnership, this is the most popular type of business structure used today.

Usually they start as a side gig, but soon turn into a six figure income. If they survive the first 2 years, that is… This used to be called creating a “job” for yourself by other business owners, which is partly true. The difference is, unlike employees, “Contractors” have more flexible work hours and charge for outcomes, not a per hour (low) rate.

This takes different skills to working as an employee, and the ATO does consider this a “real” business (for tax purposes). Even if you are not registered for GST (which most don’t when they start out), the Government has law in place to protect contractors from abuse through the ATO, Fair Work Ombudsman, and agencies like the Small Business Commission to settle disputes.

But unlike employees, when contractors get better at their job and can take on more work, they get a pay rise by getting work done faster, and then can afford to sub-contract work if they get more customers, or even put on their own employees to create jobs and access Government funding to do that.

Aren't the Business & Jobs Expos just for "Small Business"?

They may have started out that way, and you can see the history on their website at

These days, Big Business and all three levels of government have Billions of Dollars in their budgets to spend with small business, as they should. Small Businesses make up almost 98% of the total number of businesses in Australia. The Expos create a level playing field where businesses of all sizes can talk on the same stage. 

The decision makers of big business come to the small business expos to form collaborations to fill the gaps in what they can’t do. By inviting them along, and making them feel welcome, you are more likely to pick up clients from them, and other referrals, so why would we want to exclude them?

By being part of the Business and Jobs Expos, “The Pitch” aims to provide a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas for community support or social enterprise businesses.

This event offers a unique opportunity for older entrepreneurs to turn their passions into profitable ventures while positively impacting disadvantaged individuals in their local communities.

There is no better way, online or offline, to promote what you do to the mass market in any industry than at face-to-face events. And you can do it at a fraction of the costs in just 1 day.

Do I have to pay to come to the Expos to watch The Pitch, or can I just rock up on the day?

This is a yes and no answer, depending on why you are coming to the Expos.

No, you don’t have to pay to come along to the Expos if you are looking for work or to get help with your business. There are even free speaker workshops you can attend.

But if you are not a stallholder, you can’t go around handing out flyers to the public attendee. Plus, the stallholders are there to sell to you, not buy from you. If you take up their time when they could be talking to customers, anything you given them would go in the bin, so a waste of your time and money.

If you can’t afford a trade table, or don’t have promo material to fill it, then yes you would still be better off paying for a mini stand (2 person table) for under $300.

The stand comes with a free online workshop that tells you how over the last 10 years we’ve found out how our Expos generate leads and convert into Millions of dollars in sales. Which if you think coming to Expos and handing out Business cards and brochures gets you sales, then you absolutely need to attend the stallholder’s pre-expo workshop.

The Pitch at the Expos Startup lounge

How do I enter The Pitch?

If you’ve been running a side gig or started a full-time business in the last six months, apply for The Pitch at Logan, Moreton Bay, Brisbane, and Gold Coast Business and Jobs Expos areas this year. Download the Business Model Canvas template and send it to to register for the selection process, or book a call if you want to chat.

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