Our Referral Network

We wouldn’t have been able to create learner guidebooks for hundreds of units for retail, business, and marketing qualifications over the past 10 years without the help of trusted Small Business experts.

Here are a few that are currently collaborating with Inception to help Small Businesses in Southeast Queensland. You can connect with them through local business networks in your area.

This list of people in our network who have helped set up and support our development program, Skills to Help Small Business. 

Feel free to contact them directly, but if you don’t know them, it may be quicker to join our 14-week program and we can give you a referral to them after week. If if you think you have someone to offer our network, there is an application process for that. Follow the join like above.

Just be aware that cold connecting by saying “hey, you came up in my network and would love to connect” is common practice used by spammer. That is not how the Inception Network works.

A better way to do if is find someone on the list you are already connected with and ask them to connect you.

Introductions are the only valid currency in a trusted referral network. If you don’t understand that, we wish you well. It seems our style of networking doesn’t suit your needs. We ask you to respect that with everyone on this list.

Brisbane North

Paula Burgess Beyond the Maze Business admin services

Paula Burgess

Beyond the Maze
VA services


Michelle O'Hara

Marketing Strategy & Implementation


Marc Ratcliffe

CEO at MRWED Training and Assessment

Sally Eberhardt Pain-free networking for introverts

Sally Eberhardt

Copywriter, Author, Pain-free Networking for Introverts

Brisbane Central


Mike Hillsdon

Co-Founder of The Chatbot Agency, Ads that Chat


Shalini Nandan-Singh

Owner at Love Your Legals, Legal Coach, Mentor


Sathiya (Dr. Sam) Ramakrishnan

Owner of SMB Health


Emily Bitkow

Co-Founder of VIVRA,
Shopify online store expert

Brisbane South


Ocean Reeve

Book Publisher,
Inspirational Speaker


Krish Ravipati

CPA, Business Exit Specialist


Janeen Vosper

Personal Brand Authority Specialist, Author


Stewart Fleming

Scale up Coach

Gold Coast


Nik Cree

Webinar Host, Business Owners Smashing It Online


Chantal Gerardy

Award Winning Marketing Strategist

Dennis Hall Headshot

Dennis Hall

Direct Dialogue, Author,
Bx Network Area Manager


Suzi Dent

Author, Women's Advocate