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Being a Mentor is a two-way street. True mentors also want to learn from you and value your opinion.

While you get to choose your mentor, they also have to choose you, and their time is usually very limited. Here are descriptions of Mentors we know are willing to make time for the right person who is committed to doing the work.

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This former retailer and shop leasing executive now makes his money from affiliate marketing like most millennials want to do. He’s been doing it since millennials were even born, and you can tap into his wealth of experience in finding out what you are worth.

Talk to him about the fundamentals of doing business as listed in the first few chapters of his “little book of business”.

Whether you call it Affiliate marketing, relationship, or network marketing, it all works on the simple principle of getting paid for something most people in business usually do for free every day… Referrals.


Terms and conditions

This Brisbane-based lawyer, contract specialist, speaker and advocate for women in business.

This International Award winner foundered her own practice in 2015 to provide empowered legal services for entrepreneurs. She wanted to help people see their legals as ‘business power tools’ that support growth and connection, rather than overwhelming blocks to business success.

“Protecting others has defined my personal life and my professional one and plays a big role in the way I help my clients.”



A Wild card in the marketing world in Australia. For the past 14+ years he has worked with everyone from Politicians to Churches, to the local cafe, falling in love with marketing. He launches a project, and is relentless to drive it to completion.

When asked what he does, the answer is “whatever it takes”. But it is how he does it that his client pay extra for. An automation specialist using premium software to its full potential for use in systems he has developed, tried, and proven results.

He can teach a chosen few how to qualified leads and convert prospects into customers, working with real businesses and work with you to scale up your own business too.


for Business

Communication, connection, and collaboration are values that author, this speaker, copywriter and mentor holds close to her heart.

With a diverse background including agriculture, small business and market research, she is a champion of introverts, keen photographer, and even had a brief career as a magician’s assistant.

She quite literally wrote the book on Networking for Introverts’, and helps her fellow introverts make the journey from being uncertain and anxious about networking events. To confident and effective at networking so they can enjoy the many benefits and opportunities that good relationships and connections bring.


and Development

For more than a decade this mentor has been delivering leadership programs to improve the culture and performance of organisations around Australia.

From CEO’s to heads of government departments, health or educational institutions, Sonia genuinely cares about supporting her clients on their leadership journey.

Recognised as a LinkedIn influencer and has become an in-demand motivational and keynote speaker, who puts people at ease and starts important conversations. She is a published author and is sought after for her commentary on leadership, particularly the need for kind, empathetic and courageous leaders.



Our next Mentor has a diploma in social media marketing and is an award-winning strategist who empowers business owners with the skills and strategy to grow their business.

Voted Top 100 Coolest Companies in Australia 2018, Received 2 International business awards for Out of the box marketing for startups, a Finalist in Telstra Business Awards, and has been featured on Channel 9 news.

She is passionate about helping business owners gain skills to succeed in their business.



This Mentor is a disruptive leader in the Debt management and Debt negotiation space. In her early 20’s found herself in $150k, so she knows how all-consuming and debilitating debt distress can be.

It is now her mission to transform the conversation of debt such that people don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed, realise they are where they are, showing them how to implement change and break free from the constraints of debt once and for all.

Assisting friends and family for 15 years before Founding her business in 2015; a company dedicated to changing the lives of individuals and their families by empowering them to take back control of their finances and reset their lives.

Assisting people to become debt-free and stay that way. Their team has now helped hundreds of people get out of debt and has saved her clients over $5mill in the last 5 years.



How would you feel knowing that on the 1st of every month, all of the overheads, expenses, and wages (including your own) are covered? What would that do for reducing stress levels and increasing your creativity, productivity, and fun in your business?

If you are thinking that creating recurring revenue would not work for your business, this Mentor will show you some examples of some unlikely businesses that have done just that.

Also a WordPress Website specialist, this Mentor helps businesses select the right tools and use them together to increase leads and enquiries giving more opportunities to make more sales, reduce costs while adding more to the bottom line which means significantly more profitable businesses.

During 2020, businesses he has worked with had to move online, and the unintended by-product of changing their model, was creating subscription and recurring income for the business which they had thought about before but was not a priority until they were forced into it.

"To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything."

T. Tolis

Mentoring Program Options



STARTS January 21st, 2021


Accelerated program under 5 hours learning per week to prepare you to do work


up to 5 hours work in a real business for 6 weeks starting week 3.



STARTS January 21st, 2021


Extended program under 5 hours learning per week to prepare you and practice work for 8 weeks to build your confidence.


up to 5 hours supervised work with a real business for 6 weeks, which may also be part of your induction into a workplace if you get a job you like.

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