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Bored by the idea of the regular 9-5 job and after something a little different? A job where you’re not chained to your desk? Then this will be right up your street...

Even learn how to make landing pages like this.

"We have been able to bootstrap the development of the platform from “real life” client engagements by the people who have built the business..."
Mike Hillsdon

Show your interest in joining our Small Business Assistance program and we’ll email you a copy of our Entrepreneurial skills guide book. 

If you are looking to start your owner business, or just looking to show you understand what business owners do and speak the same language in an interview, this is the perfect book for you.

Just a short read, but a taste of what you can learn on this job.

We have multiple positions available working with Small Businesses, and after something a little different to the normal office role. A job where you’re not chained to your desk.

if you’re already itching get to ahead in business – and even work your way up to senior management – then there’s no better way to learn the ropes than from a small business owner who has already done this.

Supporting the business owner, you’ll be at the heart of driving marketing campaigns for a product or service. An important cog in the marketing wheel, you’ll be expected to be involved at all levels, including enquiries and customer engagement, updating clients and promoting products, services and events.

While most Marketing/sales Assistant roles are office based, you won’t be tied to your desk as you’ll need to check in at photo ops, visit clients, and attend trade shows and exhibitions, and of course, use social media for business which you can do on your smartphone from anywhere. Even while you are lazing around on your couch (instead of watching Netflix)

This job is full of variety, and you’ll need to be able to turn your hand to a multitude of tasks. An online receptionist/customer service Assistant’s regular to do list includes:

  • Organising market research and using communication technology
  • Writing social media posts
  • Arranging promotional events and meetups
  • Assessing the results of a marketing campaign
  • Assisting Management in writing reports and analysing data
  • Helping to drive online traffic with web-related campaigns
  • Writing online content
  • Communicating with clients and networking

This position develops the skills used by the top 2 most advertised job roles in Australia.


Entry-level position

Competition to start a career in marketing is fierce, but if you have even been a customer, you have been marketed to. Which means you would know more about marketing than you may think.

People may think a degree in marketing, business or commerce, will have an advantage over other applicants. However, in today’s job market, this is not the case.

While study may make you “eligible” for the job role, it does not mean that you will be suitable for the job role. Businesses are looking for fresh eyes to improve the user experience (UX), which is done in real life. Not just in theory.

In the “post-industrial” era of HR management employers are looking for people that are looking to fit into their teams of collaborators to get a competitive advantage. All you need to do is have your own set of interests, and thanks to social media, you can always find other people that are like you.

Business technology is so simple to use, even if you are not “techy”, you can learn what you need to do to be a productive member of your team in just the first few weeks. Even if you are just working part-time, you can still save a business owner 10-15 hours work per week, which they can use to convert more of the leads you generate into prospects, and prospects into sales, but they need your help.

This creates more work for you and means more paid employment opportunities either through more hours with your employer, or contract work through referral from your employers. Small business owners must network well to survive, so when you get your foot in that door there will always be a friend of a friend that wants what you do as a career pathway in whatever industry you want to specialise in.

You may have been told previously that you are not eligible for many positions that you are now suitable for in a post-COVID economy.

We are looking to uncover the surprise fits for this job role that we feel is hiding in the job Seeker market, that are I high demand with employers, and particularly needed by Small businesses to help with the COVID-19 recovery.


Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

Communicate campaign objectives, timelines, and deliverables to sales team, and provide instructions for use or promotion

Conduct research to analyze market trends, customer behavior, and competitive landscape, and prepare reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data, and give feedback to the business owners

Past experience not necessary, and as long as you can use a computer and google things on the internet, this is all the skills you need for this job.

Plan and manage meetings, events, conferences, and trade shows by identifying, assembling, and coordinating requirements, establishing contacts and appointment setting, developing schedules and assignments, and coordinating mailing lists

Maintain a directory support material, using CRM software, ensuring all resources are current and accurate, and coordinate the creation of new materials as needed

Continually seek and research new sources of prospective customer data, and provide recommendations to sales and marketing leadership

Skills and Qualifications

Past experience not necessary. As long as you can use a computer and google things on the internet, this is all the skills you need for this job.

If you do have a previous study, particularly if you have studied graphic design at Uni, you may be way “over-qualified” for this job if you don’t use, or other free software that small business owner often use.

If you appreciate why you would use canva and how you can use your design skills to improve templates, you are more likely to be suitably qualified for this job.

The qualification doesn’t get you the job. What you can do with the qualification does. 70% of knowledge comes from doing, so if you do want a qualification, you will likely get it faster if you learn on the job.

Desirable characteristics

  • Online gamers have great problem-solving skills required to level up, 1st person gamers can see thing from a different person’s point of view, and can concentrate for long periods online if they are interested in things.
  • Prefer to read books and not talk to people, particularly “young Adult” genre (or movies)? That is of interest for people discovering how to build adult relationship, which is what we teach you to do on this job. We’d love to talk to you.
  • Knowing what you love is a desirable yet all too uncommon skill. Love is about what you do consistently, not like just “hooking up”. Don’t “think” of what you love, you feel it. Empathy is a big part of customer service, and repeat business is the cheapest way to get sales.
  • We love talking to people who have passion for anything. They learn faster, and you can’t “fake it till you make it” anymore. If you don’t like the training, you won’t like the job. And part of this job is finding more people like you. Whatever you are into.

To apply for this job, register your interest below.

This is not your “normal” job, so it is not a normal application/interview process. If you are keen to work, but don’t have experience, you can apply to do a 4-week internship to learn how to do the job and trial doing work for potential employers from the 2nd week of the internship. This may be a paid or voluntary internship as some businesses may need you to start work straight away. 

Priority place on the training program will be given to Job seekers register with Centrelink who are eligible for a wage subsidy.

Particularly job seekers 24 and under who are eligible for the PaTH internship will be highly regarded and encouraged to apply as this is a demographic in high demand for employers in this program.

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