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When you turn 50, conversations change. Your doctor starts talking more about a healthy diet, and what you put into your body affects what comes out of it.

The same goes when you start a business. We have developed a simple 7-step business startup process that is familiar to a more experienced workforce. But you may not have done it since you left school.

If you are looking to self-fund your retirement plans by doing what you love, and even create jobs for your grandkids, or just sick of that 17 year old kid you were telling you what you should do for the rest of your life, this program is for you.


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Got better things to do?

starting a business is not a young person's game. These days as 60% of all businesses don't employ staff. work when you want, doing more of what's important to you

You have the skills to run a business, you just may not know what they are, and how they apply to your work.

It's no longer "hard" and "soft" skills, Thinking, Personal, and Action skills are needed to run a business.

While action skills tasks can be automated, or done by younger generations, your thinking and personal skills gained through life experience is in no danger of being replaced by AI anytime soon.

In just 7 weeks...

Hey, what’s the rush. I’m not going anywhere just yet.

There’s no need to worry, you work at your own pace. We’ve just found that when you see the barriers you thought were there to stop you being your own boss actually don’t exist, people with more life experiences tend to breeze through it. Some get the confidence to start earning money by the 4th week.

Our goal is to get you your life back. Here’s how we do that…

1. Beginner, Intermediate, or
Great Already (BIGA)

Apply Critical Thinking and Creativity skills.
Self-assess the skills have and play to your strengths and natural talents. What would you rather double, $50 or $10? You know, common sense stuff like that. We’re not sending back to school.

2. Help Overcoming Trouble (HOT)

Adaptation and Innovation skills.
Increase your earning capacity by doing what you are great at. We’ll show you how to overcome your weaknesses through collaborations with others just like you in your business network who do love the things you hate, so you may not have to.

3. Understanding Purchasers (UP)

Ethics and Empathy skills.
There different types of empathy used in buyer behaviour. Meet customers’ needs and wants all the way from tyre kickers to raving fans.

4. Make Opportunities Viable Enterprises (MOVE)

Cultural Awareness and Initiative skills
A dream is just a plan without a timeframe. Take the steps to make your dreams come true, and we’ll guide you through it.

5. Depressed, Insecure, and Precious (DIP)

Customer Focus and Learning skills
Overcome the 3 main triggers of why all businesses fail. Learn how to avoid these pitfalls and make smarter business decisions.

6. Social Trolls, Insurgents, and Fake Friends (STIFF)

 Digital Technologies and Communication
When you step out onto social media, criticism dents your confidence. Turn the attacks into an opportunity to show off your life expertise to real customers and get free “word-of-mouth” advertising.

7. Systematic Testing of Problems (STOP)

Collaboration and Problem-Solving skills
A practical self-evaluation of your business model canvas to focus your business activities only on what works as part of a continuous improvement process. Learn to evaluate your business success in the real world.

It's doesn't end there...

We want to follow up to ensure you keep up all your good work.

After three months, we’ll do a free business health check with you, and strategy session to advise you what to do next. It’s a recap of step 7 of our startup process. More of a deep dive and mentoring session than a test to keep you on track to business success.

What else do you get?

Recognition for the skills you have listed above in each step. The real world work you do will be reflected in the skills badges issued. From “capable” to “proficient”, and you can even level up to “expert” skills badges at the 3 month health check.

When you are self-employed, it’s hard to get a reference from a previous employer to get contract jobs. It’s even harder what you are just staring up.

Our badges do that.

Less than half of people with a qualification are considered “suitable” for job ads and contract work. Skills badges are like trusted testimonials for your real-world experience to allow you have a competitive advantage over TAFE and Uni graduates , who generally don’t have that yet.

Inception Network founder

Brett O'Connor

I am a passionate instructional designer and trainer, with 30 years experience in starting and running small businesses. Mainly in the Hospitality, Retail, and Tourism industries, now as a marketing consultant working to improve digital literacy and create online business opportunities. 

Specializing in growing Micro-businesses (with less than 5 staff), I’m also business meetup group organizer with 3 groups in Brisbane and combined membership of 3500 Social media managers, entrepreneurs, small business owners and solopreneurs to identify the support needs of businesses.

Using my network to create opportunities for Small Businesses, my experience and passion is to help small businesses survive a thrive in the challenging times. This is how I got into my first business when I was 21, and would not have been able to do it without the personal support some giants in the retail industry. Which is why I have a passion for helping startups.

“Giving back to the small business community is as life changing now as it was for me starting out in business, and even easier to do if you embrace new technology.” – Brett O’Connor


Supporting small businesses in Southeast Queensland