SBOS 7 day startup

SBOS course 7-day challenge.

This is the kick-starter for people that may not have done study for a while. Or, for people who want to get the skills required to do work in their own home.

You’ll get an email each day suggesting what you should do the progress in the first module of the Small Business Online Skills (SBOS) course, to get you into the habit of doing remote work.

If you decide to sign up to the 8 or 14 week course that includes real world work experience, you can get ahead in the course by completing Quiz #1 and we can open up the next sections.  Or you can go along at your own pace and we can help and give you the support you need. You can book into weekly coaching sessions. Everyone has different needs, and wants.

The 7-day challenge will help you show us where you are at so you can get the most out of the program.


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