VET in schools training

We provide training content for RTOs to use as part of their VETiS training and assessment strategy, to help kids get a job and get out into the real world while they are at school or when they go to Uni.

from $7 per month (per Student)

The RTO does all the assessing. 

This training is about getting the skills and experience Small Business owners need to make the youth of today more employable.

Make sense to you?

Current Training Market


With more than 400 Schools that are also Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), 30% of Senior students. 


Australia is the 3rd largest provider in the world of education to international students through more than 600 RTOs. 


who have access to funded skills development to get a job, plus over 600,000 others registered as looking for work wanting to update skills

Not everyone wants to work in retail, hospitality, or accommodation services while they study.
Some want to start their career...

Example school based training program

We have spoken to Small and Family business owners, marketing and operational business consultant, and schools to come up with a Diploma of Business program that meets the needs of Australia's 2 million real world Small Businesses

School Delivery Program

This is a flexible delivery Diploma of Business program clustered into 31 weekly sessions, so allows time for catch-up and students to work around other commitments.

This program can incorporate work placements, leading to paid business opportunities, or even starting their own business.