Speaker Program Application

Are you starting out
as a speaker and have ambitions of speaking to BIG audiences?

Do you have some experience speaking for free but are wondering how to step up into the world of professional speaking?

Isn’t it time you were PAID to share your expertise?

Applications are being taken now for a comprehensive Professional Speaker Development Program that will help you achieve your speaking ambitions.

This is an 8-week group program with online learning support

real life events, real world connections and input from expert mentors

learn how you can create multiple streams of income from speaking

The big opportunity

Free 8 week Professional Speaker Development program starting March 2020

(limited to 24 people)


You would already be creating it. Instead of just lead generation, use content to educate students studying business courses on the expectations of Small business owners. Create a market for you.


Film your talks so you can see what to improve, but also we edit your talks into educational videos and lectures, or, promotional videos to get more clients or speaking gigs. Use our simple successful formula.


We'll build your content into online courses that people will pay you to deliver in workshops, set up a membership site for passive income, or value add to your products and service.

If you’ve read this far, now is a great time to let you in on a little secret – this program is a pilot, so it’s free, yes, FREE. Subsequent programs will be fee-based.

What’s the catch? 

As mentioned, it’s a pilot program, and while we think it’s pretty great, your highly valued feedback will make it even better for future participants. Events are Brisbane-based and you must be able to attend at least three key event to complete the 8 week program.

Pilot Program Key Dates:

  • Saturday 14th of March, 2020 – Program online start
  • Saturday 4th of April – Professional Speaker Development Summit (public event)
  • 21st of March to May the 4th – meeting up talks around Brisbane
  • After May the 4th (TBC) – Graduation speaking event

There are only 24 places, we expect to be over-subscribed, so places will be given to those we think will benefit most from the program.

Take advantage of this opportunity NOW.

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Find your why.

Leaders focus on why things are done, and managers focus on what has to be done. Professional speakers need to do both. Having passion for what you do is not enough.

For speakers, actions speak louder than words too. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

While Simon Sinek is now one of the highest paid speaker on the plant, his original TEDx talk that made him famous was delivered to a room with only around 50 people.

Sinek's talk, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action, was created from his book "Start with why. in this video, Sinek says that he didn't make any of this stuff up, he just found a way to codify (explain) it. His 'Golden circle'.

That is how professional speaker provide value, buy showing you how you can do things too.

Does this sound like you?

The Author

The book was great to sort out my ideas, now I can explain things in bite size chunks at live events. As people understand more, they see the value in what I do, and ask more questions. the answers I can share in my next book.

Community leader

having passion is great, but even charities have to be able to get an income. If you apply for funding, you have to present a business case. If people are willing to pay to hear you speak, it shows what you do has value to the community.

Small Business Owner

Startups are not my market, but I love talking to them. If I listened to what was meant to be "professional", I would not be getting paid to do what I love. Now as an international business award winner, I want to tell others how they can do it too.

Corporate manager

Leaders come up with why, but performance is about what you do. managers have to sell the leader's ideas to get things done. If you can do that, it's valuable IP. If your organisation doesn't pay you extra for that, others sure will.

You have to do the work. How much have you already done?

Here is one of the highest paid speakers in the world talking about how he became what people said was an “Overnight success”. Do you think he is lucky, or simply put in the work? Does his situation when starting out sound any different to you? 

Speaker levels...

A professional is anyone whom is paid to do a job. Just like professional athletes, there are different levels in the quality of speakers.

Price is not a reliable indicator of which level speaker to book for an event. Booking a high priced speakers doesn’t mean you will get more attendees to an event if there are no extra benefits for attendees.

Here are some of the many different levels of professional speakers. 

Industry and academic speakers

Authorities, Authors, or others with high skills and expertise in specific areas. Not paid for speaking gigs, usually lead generation for products, services, or programs, which is where these speakers generate income. Generally informal learning events, and any ticket sales are intended to only cover venue costs.

Great Professional Content Speakers

Paid around $7k-$10k for a keynote to kick off a conference and set the tone for an event which may run more than one day. Supported by academic and SME speakers, and usually involves breakout sessions. Generally part of non-formal Learning & Development (L&D) programs.

Subject Matter Expert Speakers and trainers

The first level of professional speakers are generally Subject Matter Experts (SME). May charge from $500 for a lecture up to around $4,000 for a corporate event or workshop. These speakers are most commonly used for formal learning leading to a qualification.

Celebrity Speakers

Offering significant value to attendee's paying to attend events before and after the event can attract ticket sales. You would expect to pay over $20k. As a the major draw card for the event, celebrity speakers are more likely to speak at the end of an event (in common with sporting events) rather than the keynote at the start.

This program focuses on amature speakers getting the experience they need to move up to the Subject Matter Expert Speakers level. We then refer you to higher level speakers from there to mentor and coach you. You’ll meet a bunch of people in our 8-week program, and can choose the people you want to keep working with. We don’t want to limit you.

What "Professional" speakers do

Confident people will see they can do 2 out of the 10 tasks in a job ad and apply for the position. Others will not feel confident to apply until they know they can do over 50% of the tasks. So how do you get the confidence?

“If you get given a good opportunity, just say yes, and work out how to do it later” – Richard Branson

Doing any job requires skills. However, many people don’t realise they have the skills, and just don’t know how to apply them to do work.

What do you get out of our program? Experience.

You don’t have to fake it. See how many of the 10 “Core Skills for Work” (CSfW) you already have from your life experience on the list below. Focus on your strengths. We have a support network to help you do the rest.

  • Identifying work options
  • Gaining work
  • Developing relevant skills and knowledge

If you have ever been registered as a job seeker with Centrelink, you have these skills. Currently, there are around 800,000 Australians getting experience in this CSfW, and over 200,000 have been getting more than 6 months experience.

You can learn in our program how to get off the merry-go-round. Selling yourself and how you add value to an organisation is a skill every Professional Speaker must have.

  • Working within roles and responsibilities
  • Operating within legal rights responsibilities
  • Recognising and responding to protocols

Have you ever had a job? Every new employee in Australia is given the National Employment Standards (NES). If you work as a contractor, the work contract must also include these 10 standards as a minimum. You’ll learn on our program how the ACCC, Fair Work, even the ATO, can protect you from “Sham Contracts” becoming slave labour in Australia.

  • Recognizing communication systems, practice and protocols
  • Speaking and listening
  • Understanding, interpreting and acting
  • Getting the message across

Have you been involved in a sporting group? Community organisation or charity as a volunteer? School P&C activities for your kids? Maybe even discussing things you are passionate about in Facebook Groups? You can tick this section on your skills list, and we’ll teach you how to monetize these skills as a speaker in our program.

  • Understanding yourself
  • Building rapport
  • Cooperate and collaborating

Have you ever done any networking? Done anything with family and friends? Tick this one on your skills list as we know everyone has done it.

This is a huge benefit you will get out of doing our speaker program, as we have a ready made network for you. Connect and work with others all through our program.

If you are an introvert, we have a surprise for you! Skills in this area is one of your superpowers.

You’ll learn just from watching the program mentors you’ll be working with as an example of how building relationships and word of mouth is still the most powerful marketing tool available to business.

  • Recognising different perspectives
  • Responding to and utilising diverse perspectives
  • Managing conflict

If you want people to respect your opinions, and allowing people to enter into a discussion professional speakers is a big draw card used to get more people to turn up to live events. but what do you do when trolls attack?

This is a major hurdle that prevents many people from becoming professional speakers. Learn how to overcome this fear in our program. See why professional speakers even encourage trolls to attack when they know how to manage trolls, and turn it into a fantastic PR opportunity.

  • Planning and organising workload and commitments
  • Planning and implementing tasks

OK, so we understand that people may not want to tick this one off as skills you have. However, it’s likely those same people would have ticked off that they have the first 5 out of the 10 CSfW, so as you already have 50% of the skills needed to be a professional, why not just apply for our program now?

If you complete our 8 week program, you get experience in planning and organising not 1, not 2, but 3 types of speaking event. Not only can you organise your own events, Professional event organisers prefer to book speakers that make their life easier.

If you are looking to get formal recognition of these skills, if you complete our 8-week program we can help you apply for this as part of your ongoing professional speaker development.

Our Professional Speaker Development Program maps to the requirements of the National Recognised Training (NRT) Diploma of Business unit “BSBADM503 – Plan and manage conferences”.

If you are looking to use this real world experience to work towards a qualification, there will be other units you could apply for skills recognition to if you do what our mentors suggest to you.

  • Establishing decision making scope
  • Applying decision-making processes
  • Reviewing impact  

OK, let’s be honest with each other. Maybe this program is not for you. If you haven’t decided to apply by now, you maybe suffering from analysis paralysis. No one, and no thing, is ever perfect. it just has to be good enough for you.

No one likes being new at anything, and we will give you the tools to use to help you make decisions regarding if being a professional speaker is a viable long term option for you. We can improve your decision making skills, but no one can improve something that does not yet exist.

You’ll learn in our program how 70% of your knowledge is gained through doing, 20% through coaching and Mentoring, and only 10% of your knowledge comes from training.

You always have a choice, and you have to make it. If you are looking for someone to tell you what to do, we suggest you look for a 56 week program.  

If you want to 7X your learning, then our 8 week program is for you. It’s all about creating action.

Gut feel is a valid and for some people the most accurate decision making processes. So if you can’t think of a reason why you should apply for our program, we’ll just ask you “what do you feel you should do now?”. 

  • Identifying problems
  • Applying problem-solving processes
  • Reviewing outcomes

You can’t help everyone, nor can you please everyone. Our 8 week professional speaker program gets you to practice identifying the problems you can solve, the problems that others have a better solution than you. Plus, why people are willing to pay you for both of these solutions to their problems.

How often have you heard people say “I just want to help you”, but you can see that the person they are trying to help doesn’t want the help, or that it is not actually helping them at all. Do you want to be one of “those people”.

Or, do you hear people say “… and I did all that for them and they never even said thank-you!”. We’ll teach you how to interpret feedback from others, even when they don’t say it to you. Your personal brand is what others say about you when you are not in the room.

Here’s a tip when reviewing outcomes: if you ask someone if you were helpful, maybe they will be polite and just say yes. If you ask that person how you helped them and they can’t give you an answer, or it is not how you were trying to help them, don’t ask them for a testimonial. You may not have helped at all, so it will lead to fake testimonials.

Professional speakers don’t waste time looking for problems, and use that time to find more solutions. You’ll see in the 8 weeks how problem come looking for you, and how to use that as a draw card to get more speaking gigs.

  • Generating ideas
  • Recognising opportunities to develop and apply new ideas
  • Selecting ideas for implementation

If I had a dollar for everytime someone said to me “…but I’m not creative”, I’d be able to run this 8 week Professional Speaker Development for free. Which we are, but the reason we can run the program for free is part of trials of innovation in the training systems that could be exported all around the world.

Australia is the world’s 3rd largest provider of education to international students, so we don’t have to create any new ideas as part of our program. We’ll just show you how to take advantage of the opportunities available to you as a professional speaker as part of our 8 week program.

Both creativity and innovations comes from a logical process, however the process is different for everyone. While invention is the most form of innovation, only around 2.5% of the population are inventors. As part of our program, you’ll learn about another 3 types of innovation that is more commonly used by almost 80% of the population.

If you are an inventor looking to be a professional speaker to spread the world about what you do, understanding how innovation is adopted create demand for you if you know know who you are talking to.

This is not a short term solution based on technology. The theory has remained largely unchanged for around 50 years, so you will be able to use what you learn in our program for many years to come. Technology now allows you to apply this theory more often to create multiple streams of income, so it’s not just a speaking business you can get from our program.

  • Accessing, organising and presenting information
  • Using digitally based technologies and systems
  • Connecting with others
  • Managing risk

It has never been easier to connect with your audience as it is today. More than just for marketing purposes, as a professional speaker you can research the interests of potential market for your speaking gigs well before you start taking bookings. this gives you the power to select gigs that are right for you and your personal brand.

Information has now overtaken Oil and Coffee to be the highest traded commodity in the world. This puts extra value onto what professional speaker can do and part of a speaker’s job is to convert data from the speakers area of expertise into information.

This mean that the valuable content you put out there as lead generation for your speaking gigs also needed to be protected. It is not fair for you to be out of pocket and not get referrals and clients when other people use your stuff to create a market for what they do!

In our 8 week program, you’ll see how we put multiple layers of protection on professional speaker’s IP, in addition to your automatic rights, and how to use Australian Consumer and Copyright laws to your advantage. 

Get the credit you deserve, and the program mentors can show you how this is used to further your speaking career.

How we do it with you

The 70:20:10, a simple way to explain how learning really happens at work

We don’t just tell you what to do, we give you the theory behind it too.

To improve something, you need to know how it works. Or at least how it meant to work, so when you review it you can see what to change for your own situation.

you can’t improve something that doesn’t exist. If you want to 7x your training, that is where our mentors come in. You get the confidence to start doing what a professional speaker does right from week 1 in our program.

People can get up to 70% of their knowledge through experiences and applying theory.

As it is a group program, you can focus on what you are already good at to get experience, and others will do the rest.

Online learning support

You get free access to our growing online learning website. The content on this website has been developed to used by Registered Training Organisation (RTOs) delivering training for Business Qualifications.

This is how you chose what qualification you want to work towards. You just pick the Mentor you want to work with, and the units that interest you.

We map what our program mentors do to units in Business, Marketing, and Leadership qualifications, and can even help graduates of our program apply to get formal skills recognition for their experience gained through our program. 


Real world work connections

This program has been developed over the last 4 years as a collaboration with Small Business owners, plus business and marketing consultants who help Small Businesses grow.

The majority of professional speakers focus on corporate L&D speaking gigs with larger business. However, this is only 3% of the speaking market.

There are 2 million Small Business owners waiting to hear from you. We believe you don’t have to go and find clients; learn how to let them find you.

Real life events

Not only does our program get you going along to networking events, we run 3 meetup groups you can speak at, plus others that may want to book you in to speak. Part of learning through getting experience, learn how to get feedback and use it to get more paid speaking gigs or clients.

Plus, you’ll get free entry to our Professional Speaker Summit full-day event. Get to me speakers behind the scenes and see how to run an event.

We will also select up to 10 people from the program to speak at the graduation event to show mentors and organisers what you can do.

Business owners networking scene photo

Experience the difference

This is a program, not a course. The connections you will make on our program won’t end after the 8-weeks.

There are hundreds more connections you will meet through referrals to you.

You’ll also learn from our expert mentors how you can create multiple streams of income. You can even start earning money through affiliate marketing while on our 8-week program.

Everyone’s experience is different. How you use your experience is up to you.

And as part of the pilot program, you get this for free!

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