Speaker Development Program

Want to get paid to speak at events?

You see many people call themselves a “Speaker” on their profile. However, a professional speaker is someone that gets paid to speak at event. Professional Speakers generally have multiple sources of income and are business owners too. They have been doing what they do for years. Does that sound like who you want to be?

The big opportunity

Free 8 week Speaker Development program starting March 2020

(limited to 24 people)

This program has finished. if you would like to be kept up-to-date with future programs, please like our Facebook page.  


You would already be creating it. Instead of just lead generation, use content to educate students studying business courses on the expectations of Small business owners. Create a market for you.


Film your talks so you can see what to improve, but also we edit your talks into educational videos and lectures, or, promotional videos to get more clients or speaking gigs. Use our simple successful formula.


We'll build your content into online courses that people will pay you to deliver in workshops, set up a membership site for passive income, or value add to your products and service.

Fine print: Why is a program about making money free? We want people that are committed to do the work, and are confident that we will get results.  You can never guarantee results, and refunds don’t refund your time spent. Future programs will have a charge, but we want to prove that it will work first.

Many looking at doing this program would have already spent the little money they have on programs that were not right for them. So we think they have already paid for this. We can’t tell people what the difference is, but we can show them. We trust graduates will tell others the benefits of doing our programs. After all, that is what great speakers do. 

This make this first program an even bigger opportunity for you and your friends to take advantage of and get on the elevator first. 

No one starts out as a professional speaker, so how do you become one? Even sports stars and celebrities need to start somewhere, and have already put in years of hard work to get to where they are. Then Professional speakers have to learn how to engage an audience so people will want to come along and listen to them speak. That when you get paid to speak. When you can add value to other people’s lives, and inspire others to do great things.

You can do this too. If you have expertise and want to get speaking experience, educating and inspiring people as to what Small Business can do, then we have a market waiting for you. This is the formal training market, and there are more than 2 million Small Businesses in Australia who would also like to hear from you.


With more than 400 Schools that are also Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), 30% of Senior students now do VET in Schools.


Australia is the 3rd largest provider in the world of education to international students through more than 600 RTOs. 


who have access to funded skills development to get a job, plus over 600,000 others registered as looking for work wanting to update skills

How to be an overnight success?

Here is one of the highest paid speakers in the world talking about how he became what people said was an “Overnight success”. Do you think he is lucky, or simply put in the work? Does his situation when starting out sound any different to you? 

Speaker levels...

A professional is anywho is paid to do a job. Just like professional athletes, there are different levels in the quality of speakers. Price is not an indicator of which level speaker to book for your event. Booking a high priced speaker doesn’t mean you will get more attendees to an event if there are no extra benefits for attendees.

Here are some of the many different levels of professional speakers. 

Industry and academic speakers

Authorities, Authors, or others with high skills and expertise in specific areas. Not paid for speaking gigs, usually lead generation for products, services, or programs, which is where these speakers generate income. Generally informal learning events, and any ticket sales are intended to only cover venue costs.

Great Professional Content Speakers

Paid around $7k-$10k for a keynote to kick off a conference and set the tone for an event which may run more than one day. Supported by academic and SME speakers, and usually involves breakout sessions. Generally part of non-formal Learning & Development (L&D) programs.

Subject Matter Expert Speakers and trainers

The first level of professional speakers are generally Subject Matter Experts (SME). May charge from $500 for a lecture up to around $4,000 for a corporate event or workshop. These speakers are most commonly used for formal learning leading to a qualification.

Celebrity Speakers

Offering significant value to attendee's paying to attend events before and after the event can attract ticket sales. You would expect to pay over $20k. As a the major draw card for the event, celebrity speakers are more likely to speak at the end of an event (in common with sporting events) rather than the keynote at the start.

This program focus on amature speakers getting the experience they need to move up to the Subject Matter Expert Speakers level. We then refer you to higher level speakers from there to mentor and coach you. Most of the great professional speaker have been doing it for decades (not just a few years), and will expect the same commitment from you.

You also need to be careful of your advertising claims if you put an artificially high cost on your keynotes and can’t justify it. Conference organisers will always research professional speakers as promoters also have to live up to their marketing claims to avoid refunds.

We help dreams come true

How do Inception do this? If you want to help make dreams come true, we would love to share with you. This is what Inception Training was created to do. It all begins with an idea…

Our Vision

To grow 10% of Australian Small Businesses so they can afford to put on just one extra employee, creating over 200,000 jobs

Our Mission

Coordinate the efforts of training providers, mentors, coaches, speakers, authorities, and educators to create better outcomes

How we do it

Deal with real customers, earn while you learn. Get experience applying theory into the practices of small and family business, redefining and identifying measures of success​.

Help you really need

Connect with people who love doing what you don't. Spend more time doing what you love and less time doing things because you think you feel you have to.

Community builder

Focusing on doubling strengths to help more people, increase earning capacity, and collaborations to overcome weaknesses. Online connections with real world meetups.

Find your "why"

Money is not always a why, but if it is, what are you going to spend it on? If you could find a market for what you love doing, what else could you do. What motivates you?

Protect your IP

The Australian Copyright council says:

  • The Copyright Act allows “fair dealing” with copyright material for certain specified purposes.
  • Unlike US copyright law, Australian law does not have a general “fair use” defence.

Factors that may be taken into account to determine whether a use is “fair” include whether the person using the material is doing so for commercial purposes, and whether the copyright owner is out of pocket from the use.

If you are not getting referrals, is it fair that others use your stuff?

Confidential information and passing off

Other categories of intellectual property which do not have special statutory protection include confidential information and trade secrets. These are protected by the action for breach of confidence.

The business reputation and goodwill in unregistered trademarks or trade names may be protected by the common law action of passing off or an action for misleading or deceptive conduct under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 or equivalent State or Territory legislation.

As part of this program, you’ll learn ways to protect your valuable expertise from copyright experts with extra layers of copyright protections available in the digital age. Including what is not fair use by educational institutions, how it leaves you out of pocket, and how to use this to get extra speaking gigs.

Try it Yourself

Why not, I’m sure you could do it, but we want people who want to focus on being a speaker.

Create educational content so you can practice and level up. Become a professional speaker, paid to tell people about you, starting with the market waiting for you.

If you are using speaking to build your business, you will also need to be a:

  • Website designer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Instructional Designer
  • Copywriter/Author
  • Graphic Designer
  • Video editor
  • Event organiser
  • Promoter

Or we could do all that for you, and teach you what they do. Plus, we’ll record and edit your speaking gigs. And if you don’t have gigs book, we’ll organise one for you, and help you start to build a show reel to send to event organisers to get gigs.

We have an endless supply of tips from experts at the top of their game, who are also contributors to our training website. If you are not to busy speaking, you get access to content used by RTOs delivering Business qualifications our website as part of this program. Access all areas if your heart desires it. Choose what you want to learn.

But for now, why not let us help you build your speaking business!

A good portfolio will get you an interview.
A good attitude will get you work.

But it takes more than attitude to keep working as a professional speaker as you have to keep education people. To do that, you need instructional design skills.

We’ll give you the formula used by multi-million dollar training organisations to create learning programs for thousands of people.

Plus, we’ll take you through step-by-step how to use this formula to create multiple streams of income. Using your own content to do training leading to a qualification, creating a market for your coaching and mentoring business, and your own online courses (just like we already do).

We help you apply for Skills recognition for Nationally Recognised training after this program. Including BSBADM503 – Plan and manage conferences, and BSBLDR513 – Communicate with influence, or other Leadership and Management units. You can be working towards a qualification while building your credibility in the industry.

Are speakers trainers?

Absolutely! This is not where professional speakers make their money, although this is where many start out.

Professional speakers will invariably have a coaching program as their premium product, but advertising a “training course” in their field positions a professional speaker back down to the lowest level of paid speaker and can devalue the speakers time.

Conference organisers will generally look for lower level speakers to facilitate breakout sessions so the Keynote Speaker can focus on the VIP conference clients.

That is why you would not see professional speakers advertising “training”; they just call it a “program”. However you can’t coach someone who has not been trained. And it is not that a client is doing it wrong, it is more likely the Keynote Speaker has a unique system. Keynotes have a collaborators they regularly work with, and everyone wants to be on their list.

Coaching and mentoring are not interchangeable terms. In fact they are the opposite of each other, so suited to different people. 

One is about teaching people to do it your way, and the other is about getting people to do it the way the client wants to. Which do you think a client would pay extra for?

That is one of the first things you’ll learn in this program. What to give away, what people will pay for (and who will pay for it), and what people will pay extra to get specifically from you. 

You would keep your new stuff for your clients, and we can show you how to tap into the 2nd hand market for your content through education system. Schools, Uni’s, TAFE, and yes, more speaking gigs as a guest lecturer. Both here and now overseas as part of Australian Government programs.


You're not alone

People that are at the top of ANY game feel that if they make it to the penthouse they have a responsibility to send the elevator back down, and speakers are no different.

Professionals always look for people to mentor. It’s not a competition, don’t you wish you had someone who does what you love to can ask questions?

Mentors wish they could go back in time. They can’t, but maybe they can through you. We want to help your mentor find you.

Surf's up!

There are 23 million estimated surfers around the world. The longest amount of time spent surfing one wave is 37 minutes. There are many other reasons you should get on board. 

If you want to ride the big waves, you’re going to need a tow in. Let us drive the Jet Ski, you know how to ride the wave.

How far you go is up to you. Our program starts in March. Show your interest today so you don’t miss out.

“Well done is better than well said.”

Benjamin Franklin
Professional speakers do both.

Been told it won't work?

Maybe you should read this book...

Don’t let life pass you by.

Change your view.

Walk across the street, push the elevator button, and see if there is an elevator waiting for you.

Want to be one of the cool cats?
You also have to be a copy (writer) cat!

Put yourself here... Don't think we can make mere mortals look good? This is what we can do with mere cats!

Everybody loves cats, but you can replace them in this video. It’s got a catchy tune, up beat, and enough going on that people can watch it several times. But it has to convert, and all you need to get out of this is anyone can make you look good, but would you turn up to here these cats meow?

Obvious… Very Obviously, I have too much time on my hands. So why not book a call and give me something to do for you?

Cat owners everywhere will thank you, and you get to become a star… Win/win!

Teapot is a 25 year old (in human years) former fur coat model and social media ad star. His meows still draws all the girls to the yard, and he gives tips to copy cats on how to get attention well after the retirement age.
Learn how to get food when YOU want from female empowerment speaker, Milkjug Morrigan (yes, that is her name!)
Under the guidance of Teapot, Sugarbowl is now followiing the small screen success, and is a finalist for the role of "Baby Wookie" in the hit new Disney+ plus show "the Mandalorian".
Look into the hypnotic eyes of NLP expert, Frankie, and watch your limiting beliefs disappear. "You CAN give me a hug!".
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How do you herd cats?…

“that depends on where you put their food” – Jennie Gorman.

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We choose to go to the moon, and are searching for stars, but you’ll find we are still down to Earth.