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How awesome are you?

looking to create a passive income so you can spend more time with your family... or just at the beach?

Subject Matter Expert Application


We are looking for experts to write books in the following areas:

  • Business Operations
  • Leadership
  • Organisational Development
  • Compliance
  • Business Development
  • Digital and Data
  • Records and Information Management
  • Procurement
  • Evaluations

Want to know more? We can save you some time going back-and-forwards by getting some more details now and you can see if this project seems like it is a good fit for you to do right now.

Could you get use to travelling the world talking about what you do?
Do you understand customer and business needs?

Your path to market...

Tells us about you, and what you have to offer (in the expression of interest)

  • Then select the topics you want to write a book about
  • Well map that to specialty areas of business courses to find a market for you
  • We can then give you the structure of the textbook we have a ready market for
There is plenty of work to go around. We need many teams to fill the ongoing demand.
  • See how much content you have ready to go, so all you have to do is copy and paste 
  • We can find co-authors to collaborate to fill the gaps, plus set you up online and introduce your training to the market
  • To produce a trade quality publication suitable to be used in schools, colleges, maybe even University courses, we can refer you to a specialist self-assisted publisher and book marketing mentor
  • We are just the curators, you keep the profits from your publication, all we are looking for are books that can be used to help over 2 million Small businesses looking to grow their business. We need you to help by giving us the tools to help them.

Can you fake it till you make it?

We are looking for people with high industry-current knowledge in their field. Not people who know everything.

As part of the promotion of what you do, you will need to provide case studies and client testimonials of what you do in your book, you will have to say how it has worked for Small Businesses. 

It is how we can refer clients to you for your premium coaching and mentoring, and show off your expertise. This is the key deciding factor for this project, and why we will refer people to you for extra skills development.

Where do you see yourself?
Must understand this model, and know when to use it

The Perfect Writer

We are looking for training content developers still working in their industry who have cross-sector Business or Marketing training, coaching, or mentoring programs suitable for Small and Family business assistance.

Are you ready to go? 

For this project, having a premium product is not an upsell, it is an indicator of your proficiency in your industry as a guide for us to your level of expertise.

Time in the industry is not a deciding factor. Although it may be an advantage, we are looking for currency.

Can you adapt what you do to future needs?

Need some inspiration?
This is how "Gary Vee" came to be...

"I wish I had documented my journey learner how to build VaynerMedia. Show me the videos of me before I was 30. They don't exist" - Gary Vaynerchuk Regretting that he didn't document his 14-year journey to become an "overnight success".
We have a blank space (baby)
Want us to write your name?

If this is what we can do with mere cats, what could we do with you?

Everybody loves cats, all you need to get out of this is anyone can make you look good, but would you turn up to here these cats meow?

Obvious… Very Obviously, I have too much time on my hands. So why not book a call and give me something to do for you?

Cat owners everywhere will thank you, and you get to become a star… Win/win!

Teapot is a 25 year old (in human years) former fur coat model and social media ad star. His meows still draws all the girls to the yard, and he gives tips to copy cats on how to get attention well after the retirement age.
Bella is a celebrity gardener to the stars, and has thousands of tips on growing plants in any situation, even artificial grass.
Learn how to get food when YOU want from female empowerment speaker, Milkjug Morrigan (yes, that is her name!)
Look into the hypnotic eyes of NLP expert, Frankie, and watch your limiting beliefs disappear. "You CAN give me a hug!".
Under the guidance of Teapot, Sugarbowl is now followiing the small screen success, and is a finalist for the role of "Baby Wookie" in the hit new Disney+ plus show "the Mandalorian".

How do you herd cats?… “that depends on where you put their food” – Jennie Gorman.

We help dreams come true

How do Inception do this? If you want to help make dreams come true, we would love to share with you. This is what Inception Training was created to do. It all begins with an idea…

Our Vision

To grow 10% of Australian Small Businesses so they can afford to put on just one extra employee, creating over 200,000 jobs

Our Mission

Coordinate the efforts of training providers, mentors, coaches, speakers, authorities, and educators to create better outcomes

How we do it

Deal with real customers, earn while you learn. Get experience applying theory into the practices of small and family business, redefining and identifying measures of success​.

Help you really need

Connect with people who love doing what you don't. Spend more time doing what you love and less time doing things because you think you feel you have to.

Community builder

Focusing on doubling strengths to help more people, increase earning capacity, and collaborations to overcome weaknesses. Online connections with real world meetups.

Find your "why"

Money is not always a why, but if it is, what are you going to spend it on? If you could find a market for what you love doing, what else could you do. What motivates you?

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