Professional Speaker Development Summit

Launch Your Speaking Career
with 10 mentors at one event.
Brisbane, Saturday April 4th, 2020

Who is this Summit for?

People who want to discuss their issues and walk away with real solutions to their individual problems. Meet like-minded individuals so you don’t have to do it alone.

Get advice from different mentors in the one place, and choose which one is right for you, then choose what you can do.

The summit is just the start. We choose to go to the Moon.

The Author

The book was great to sort out my ideas, now I can explain things in bite size chunks at live events. As people understand more, they see the value in what I do, and ask more questions. the answers I can share in my next book.

Community leader

having passion is great, but even charities have to be able to get an income. If you apply for funding, you have to present a business case. If people are willing to pay to hear you speak, it shows what you do has value to the community.

Small Business Owner

Startups are not my market, but I love talking to them. If I listened to what was meant to be "professional", I would not be getting paid to do what I love. Now as an international business award winner, how I do create great value for my clients.

Corporate manager

Leaders come up with why, but performance is about what you do. managers have to sell the leader's ideas to get things done. If you can do that, it's valuable IP. If your organisation doesn't pay you extra for that, others sure will.

This is your time, don't waste it.

All the advice you need

10 speaking mentors to help you get book for paid gigs to promote what you do, plus others in the room looking for people just like you

Hundreds of connections

Focus on your strengths, find others to do the rest. If people in the room can’t help you, they will know who can.

Ways to make it happen

Learn how to apply theory, and examples of how ordinary people can do the incredible too. See how you are only limited by your Imagination.

Support you need

The power of networking is people give before they get. What goes around, comes around. So all you have to do is know what you want.

Our expert Speakers

Partners and Founders of The Audacious Agency.

Branding, Publicity, Awards programs.

Lauren Clemett &
Annette Densham

Presentation Coach and Founder of The Point TV.

Engagement and De-escalation specialist.

Gerald Pauschmann

Shalini Nandan-Singh love your legals

International business award winning contract law specialist, speaker and advocate for women in business .

Shalini Nandan

Sally Eberhardt Pain-free networking for introverts

Author of “Pain-free networking for introverts” and event copywriter.

Sally Eberhardt


 CEO of MRWED training and Assessment, Australian Licensee for Bob Pike’s Train-the-Trainer.

Marc ratcliffe

Applause Genie founder, Copyrights expert, and creativities industries trainer.

Andrea Smith

Founder & CEO of Hot Healthy in Business, TEDx Speaker and Editor-in-Chief of the Hot & Healthy in Business magazine.

Nicole van Hattem

Assisted Independent Publishing, book marketing mentor, and owner of Ocean Reeve Publishing.

Ocean Reeve

Award winning Facebook marketing coach and Mumpreneur.

Chantal Gerardy

Event Program

  • Keynote: Where speaking can take you – Marc Ratcliffe
  • Keynote: hot and Healthy Women in business – Nicole van Hattem
  • Engaging large audiences, online or offline, de-escalating discussions – Gerald Pauschmann
  • Speaker interview: Engagement session panel
  • What copyrights do you have, and how to use them – Andrea Smith
  • Using Australian Consumer Laws to generate leads. Content terms of use and “passing off” – Shalini Nandan
  • How quality Authorship can build your speaker profile, and expectations as you move up levels – Ocean Reeve Publishing
  • Panel Q&A with IP sessions presenters

How Networking Gets You Speaking Gigs – Sally Eberhardt
Facebook marketing: getting ROI on the time you spend – Chantal Gerardy

  • Be well paid, well known, and wanted – Lauren Clemett
  • How being an award winner can rocket launch you as a guest speaker – Annette Densham
  • Event feedback

Business units covered for Trainer Professional Development

Not only will you get a massive amount of content from the 10 speakers at the event, we’ve mapped what each speaker does to Qualifications for you.

This includes BSB51918 – Diploma of Leadership and Management, one of the most popular Vocational courses in Australia, plus units from from the Diplomas of Business and Marketing communications.

Talk to the speakers about  training and Professional Development the speakers can provide. Plus, you can book the speakers to come and talk to your students.

Tap into our Mentor network’s wealth of knowledge of growing Small and Family businesses.

That’s over 2 million employers in Australia that will want to talk to your students!

BSBLDR511 – Develop and use emotional intelligence

BSBLDR502 – Lead and manage effective workplace relationships

BSBRSK501 – Manage risk

BSBINM501 – Manage an information or knowledge management system

BSBPUB501 – Manage the public relations publication process

BSBMGT519 – Incorporate digital solutions into plans and practices

BSBADV507 – Develop a media plan

BSBADM503 – Plan and manage conferences

BSBLDR513 – Communicate with influence

BSBMKG502 – Establish and adjust the marketing mix

SIRXOSM002 – Maintain ethical and professional standards when using social media and online platforms

BSBIPR501 – Manage intellectual property to protect and grow business

BSBWOR501 – Manage personal work priorities and professional development

BSBSLS501 – Develop a sales plan

BSBLED501 – Develop a workplace learning environment

Program collaborators


about inception

We don’t just create dreams, we help dreams come true.

Our Vision

To grow 10% of Australian Small Businesses so they can afford to put on just one extra employee, creating over 200,000 jobs

Our Mission

Coordinate the efforts of training providers, mentors, coaches, speakers, authorities, and educators to create better outcomes

How we do it

Deal with real customers, earn while you learn. Get experience applying theory into the practices of small and family business, redefining and identifying measures of success​.

Help you really need

Connect with people who love doing what you don't. Spend more time doing what you love and less time doing things because you think you feel you have to.

Community builder

Focusing on doubling strengths to help more people, increase earning capacity, and collaborations to overcome weaknesses. Online connections with real world meetups.

Find your "why"

Money is not always a why, but if it is, what are you going to spend it on? If you could find a market for what you love doing, what else could you do. What motivates you?

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