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Links Diploma of Business units to each other and to the real world Small Businesses, training content for CRICOS attendance requirements

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Training on latest technology used by online and offline businesses, content updated constantly by contributors using the technology for business

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Content provided by top Business, Marketing, and Operational consultants working with Australia's 2 million Small Businesses (97% of Australian Businesses)

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Suited to RTOs great and Small. Training website powered by WP Engine, the world's largest WordPress premium digital experience hosting company


With more than 400 Schools that are also Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), 30% of Senior students. 


Australia is the 3rd largest provider in the world of education to international students through more than 600 RTOs. 


who have access to funded skills development to get a job, plus over 600,000 others registered as looking for work wanting to update skills

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This is proficiency based training well above the competency standard, and we have professional development options to take your trainers to the next level as well


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Frequently asked questions

In a recent webinar ASQA said no, but you do have a commercial agreement in place like you would with any supplier.

No. This explained in the website terms of use, and the Creative Commons IP protection is explained in the video above, and is not considered “fair dealings” for educational purposes. Please be aware the IP and T&Cs lawyers are contributors as well, and while we don’t want them to have to enforce it, that is how they earn their income. If you want to repurpose it, you have to speak to the contributor directly. It counts towards your RTOs industry engagement.

Just about all the contributor are premium services providers, and industry authorities with years of experience, and we wouldn’t accept their content if that is all they have to give. You are getting the basic training, then you have to go out and do it to get experience before you will be ready to be a client of theirs. It is more likely we will refer you to get extra training from them as we know it works. The content has the same rules at TED talks; no direct selling from the stage. They may mention what they did while researching their latest book in a story (to build their authority with the audience), “you can buy my…” is not allowed.  It is common for people at the top of their game to give without expectation. It’s a way their identify who is not their potential customers, so they don’t waste time chasing them. That is another thing we hope you learn too.

It’s great that people are looking for their why, but performance is about what you do, and ethics are about how we do it. Why do we make training content? We discovered long ago that if you go out and talk to people with passion and the same interest as you, you find out ways to do things that make your life so much easier. We don’t have to make our own content, even though we still do. But the people making the content are not good at mapping it to units. So that is all we have to do. Why so cheap? We’ve been doing it for a lot less than that per student for big RTOs for years, but it seems to have not helped small businesses, or Small RTOs. 

Where on a mission to grow 10% of Small Businesses so they can afford to put on just one extra employee, creating over 200,000 jobs. Why? Because we believe we can.

That is up to you. We are about training to get a job, not a qualification. RTO registration allows you to issue qualifications. You don’t have to do the training to issue, and we are not an RTO.  Working in the industry, we’ve been through Audits and are currently delivering the Diploma of Business (High risk course, to CRICOS as well). We consult to RTO consultants, even the consultants who say ASQA is too harsh. But if your trainers don’t want to maintain industry currency, we can’t help you. 

We can validate your assessment tools, and happy to talk to your auditors if they disagree. But at the end of the day, we believe, if you don’t want to talk to people in your industry, what are you doing training in it. If you don’t believe we can help you comply and provide high quality training, we won’t be chasing you. You’re just not our customer.

No, you can’t put your name on any of the content and claim it as your own. You can talk to the contributors as see if they will do it for you, but they charge a premium for that and they are not going to give you their latest stuff if they don’t get credit for it. You can email if you are looking for white label content.

The humanity of training

Our mission: to grow 10% of Small Businesses so they can afford to put on just one extra employee, creating over 200,000 jobs in Australia

We are also working with organisations like Beddown and AgUnity to help improve the quality of life of people around the globe, working on UN Sustainable Development Goal for 2030 #1 – No Poverty.

Who trusts us?

"Brett is an outstanding educator, an innovative thinker and creator of courses that create useful and practical skills in students to support small business.”
"Bretts a highly motivated and extremely passionate trainer! I love his dedication to providing skills and knowledge and his continuing desire to challenge the status quo!”
Lauren Boon-Hollows
RTO Compliance Consultant
"Brett is not only one of the most compassionate people I know, he is also one of the most capable of making a difference to the lives of many.”