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What is PaTH?

Youth Jobs PaTH is an Australian Government service that helps young people gain the skills and work experience needed to get and keep a job. It also supports businesses to trial young people in the workplace and offers a financial incentive when they hire. Youth Jobs PaTH has 3 elements – Prepare, Trial, Hire.

As part of Youth Jobs PaTH your business can trial a young person for 4 to 12 weeks in an internship to see if they are the right fit. You will receive $1,000 to help with the costs of the trial and if you decide to hire them, you may be eligible to receive additional financial incentives. The Government also provides your intern with $200 a fortnight on top of their income support payment and insures interns during the internships.

If you hire a young person, your business may be eligible to receive a Youth Bonus Wage Subsidy.

This is a financial incentive of up to $10,000 (GST inclusive) paid over six months when you hire an eligible young job seeker in an ongoing job.

The Perfect Location

We are based in Brisbane, but we can find a PaTH intern in your local area. We will teach them how to set themselves up and work remotely as part of their internship. We can’t do this with every job, but this will open up more employment opportunities for the intern.  Plus, if you do go into lockdown when you hire them, your new employee can work from home just as efficiently as if they are right there with you in the office.

For job seekers...

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A PaTH internship is great way to get valuable experience and prepare for a job. Get off to a great start with these tips.

It’s just basic stuff employers will expect you do. It’s just common courtesy, but we understand these days people may have forgotten what it’s like to leave the house, let alone go into an office or job site. But here’s a reminder, so your Mum doesn’t have to tell you.

Our Agents


Brett O'Connor

Program Manager

Brett (me) has a Masters in Business – Management information systems, and is qualified to deliver and assessor Marketing and Business Qualification.

He (I) has (have) been doing training for over 20 years, everything from small businesses and franchisees, to job seeker, even international students, and help industry consultants develop training program to to use new technology.


Mike Hillsdon

The Chatbot Agency

We are a Software as a Service providing an “all-inclusive” White Label service to digital marketers & agencies who want to retain clients and transform their agency into a Chatbot Agency.

We have been able to bootstrap the development of the platform from “real life” client engagements by the people who have built the business.


General Manager

Sugarbowl Pancake is our chocolate point Ragdoll that has claimed my home office as his own. He specialises sleeping on the chair next to me, zoom bombing meetings, and can open the door to the garage without opposable thumbs.

If you have more skills than this, chances are we can find a place for you too in our program.